Fighting each other like crazy!

I always nod and smile at people asking for money in the streets. Sometimes I happen to have a coin or two to spare but most of the time when I only have my plastic I just nod and smile. I always get a warm and kind smile back, making me happy.

Do you think people should have the right to ask for a contribution to their wellbeing and sometimes coming from another country (I mean beg for money). And do you think everybody should be able to perform in the streets without a permit (sometimes earning pocket money as a tip)? Check when NYPD SUCKED:

Subway performers sick of the nypds

The fact that someone has to do things like this comes from a much bigger issue and as long as we complain about little shitty things like these, we will never understand how stupid it is to divide a global world into countries. We fight each other like crazy and protect something that doesn’t really exist. The only thing we have is life and the moment in time (a fact which I usually refer to under the name of LOVE):  This is a part of the lyrics of the song Sweet Harmony by The Beloved (Sometimes we call this a cliché, but most of the time cliché’s are true).

If we care

Like we say we do

Not just empty words

For a week or two

Make the world

Your priority

Try to live your life


Play a part

In a greater scheme

Try to live the dream

On a wider scene

Let’s come together

Right now, oh yeah

In sweet harmony

The only thing I don’t like about the song is the choice of participants in the video. Off course the girls in it can’t help looking like the typical model, but I would have loved  all the looks there is in the world in it. Well well, you can’t always have everything at once…. / Vivi, lead singer and songwriter in MMB.



Don’t stand in my way.

I was listening to Brandy. She was singing about how trying to be someone else to get accepted by others, is never worth it. In “Keep on singing my song” Christina Aguilera sings about the same thing. Madonna has a lot of songs with similar message. So does Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and a lot of other female performers that I can’t think of right now.

I’d like to give you a challenge – name at least three songs about being proud of who you are by male performers, to other men. Not political songs. It has to be the exact same message as in for example “Keep on singing my song” or “Like it or not” with Madonna or “Overprotected” with Britney. But with a male performer, to other men. Is there a “Run the world” where the answer is men? Is there a “I kissed a boy” with a male performer that isn’t about being gay, but simply exploring your sexuality, regardless what sex you are? Is there any song where men are told, by another man, never to go for second best when it comes to love?

Right now a cover of Cyndi Laupers classic “Girls just wanna have fun” is eagerly shared on social media. The cover is by a young man, turning the happy sisterhood-manifest into a judgmental, sobby “Girls who don’t sit at home waiting for a man, is only wishing to be seen, and they do it through sex and alcohol”-lecture. “Those girls just wanna have fun” he sings with a pityful tone. “Those girls”. Again and again. Makes me wanna lecture him, and scream “How dare you take it from us??? How dare you pity women???”
It’s like fabulous Kathleen Hanna once said – think what you want about feminism. But don’t stand in my way.


“I hope you die.”

There’s a group on Facebook called “” (in English that’s “”) They bring up all kinds of “talkies” – politics (there’s election for primeminister in Sweden 14th of September), what’s new on tv, resent sportevents, etc.

I saw a videoclip there, made by a French female film maker, about female sexual herrasment and what it would be like if women and men switched roles (and newsflahs – sexism can be made by both sexes!)
I wrote a short, ironic comment about men being bastards and then a long serious one about why I am a feminist, about rapes and how often the raper goes free in Sweden, about when I got herrased by a taxidriver on my way home one night, and how extremly important it is to know that this is all because of the sexist society we live in, that’s no good for anyone.

A guy named Albin wrote a reply to my comments: (it was ofc in Swedish but I’ve translated it) “I hope you die. With no men the human race will be extinct, you stupid fucking bitch.”
I’m not used to having people wanting me dead or calling me a fucking bitch, so naturally I was shocked and filed a report to the police. This was Monday so I don’t know how it will turn out yet.

I’m well aware of why both men and female are scared of feminism. It means things are gonna have to change and in that change, some will have to give up their priviligies, and that will shake some peoples worldorder. Even if it’s a good change, that will give justice and freedom to everyone instead of only to white, heterosexual men. So people protest, kick and scream, even making up lies about how feminists are crazy and hate men. So Albins threat kind of helped me prove my point. It is scary when people are strong and proves a point. And if you’re scared of strong people and brought up to believe you got the power to do whatever you want just because you’re born with a penis, then your fear turns into hate. And that’s just pathetic. /Anna.


Women of Game of Thrones

I’ve resently become a fan of the Game of Thrones. It’s a brilliant show in many ways – the plot, the dialouges, the costumes, and above all, the characters.

And specially the female characters. Who are all interresting, complexed, intelligent, strong, some even dangerous. Yes, they are also beautiful. But they are not trofés or decorations or created only to lift the male characters.
They fight with fists and swords, they kill, they negotiate in politics, skeem evil plans, they are powerful and feared and they make sure the world know this.

And they fight to get power – not to get a man with power. They also cry, love, laugh. They are mothers, sisters, wives, friends.
They are human. No more or less than the male characters. Just like in real life. Even if there are people who are of a different opinion. When will real life society see and treat real life women the same way?
Just a thought in my constantly awake feminist-mind.



This sweet 13!

So it happens, i met my fiance exactly 7+13 months ago, we became a pair 13.01.2013 and got engaged in a cafe 13.03.2013. And the 13th every month we have our little tradition to go to a cafe, buy 4-5 different cakes and finish them! Really sweet 13, isn’t it?

Our favorite place is old Vetekatten It has many different rooms, and delicios cakes! Damn, i love food! 😀 the only minus i can see is the abcense of background music.

However, today it will be something else, i think we will take a look right here i look forward to it!

I took a day off today, no job, no work, no-no-no! Instead of that we went to swim in the lake Mälaren, 20C, small clouds, windy, but the water was perfect! It was the 3rd time i went into the water in Stockholm during this sommer, unbelievable! ♥ yes, this summer was really warm, i heard that last time it was this beautifull was in 1876… Where have you swam in Stockholm this summer???

P.S. If you don’t know what to do with your evening, come to Rålambshovsparken at 21.00, it is an open air moviefestival there. Today they’re playing PULP FICTION AV QUENTIN TARANTINO.
 Free entry ;-p

See you there, with love, your MAXAmaxatobi

To eat or not to eat…

My friend has just open a package of vanilla icecream with pistage nuts and raspberry/blueberry jam and puts in the table. I have some and then she asks me if I want more. “I do actually” I reply, and take some more. But the second I do, a tiny voice starts to whisper in my head “You’re gonna get fat! You had an icecream yesterday aswell and you haven’t worked out that much this week! If you’re fat, no man will want you, you’re not gonna get any dancejobs, you’re gonna…” And right about here, I quit listening to it and start enjoying my delocious icecream. It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s easier now than it was about 6 months ago.

#throwbackfriday to about the end of January this year.
Apart from teaching 19 danceclasses/week, I also went to the gym 4, 5 times/week. Lifting weights to get bigger muscles, did a lot of cardio so the fat on my body would vanish and all the muscles would show even more, and eating next to NO carbs or fat, and ONLY protein. I ate fast food and candy too. But only once/week. And I did lose weight and my body got really toned and everyone told me what a good girl I was, what a strong character I have, how great I looked because I looked so thin…

Except I had no energy. At least not for anything other than my everyday-workout. On Mondays I had 60 min dance/singing class with seventeen 8 year-olds, and after that 4 other classes. Imagine doing that when all you had to eat that day is some tuna and low fat cottage cheese. Imagine what lever your patience would be. And imagine this repeating every single day.

I started to get small anxiety attacks. That grew bigger and bigger. Every time I passed a mirror I was obsessed about how my waist looked that day. I constantly compared myself with other women, how thin they were, if I was thinner than them, “if I run a mile 6 days a week, I will get down to the perfect size, and then I will stop dieting…”

Until one day a friend asked me what I eat. I told him (and I was proud) “Protein only, except for fruit and vegetables, no fat and no carbs.” He said “So you never eat like, potatoes or meat?” I said no. Then he said the four magic words: “Anna, you gotta eat!” I objected and claimed I do eat! A lot! And I got irritated because he doesn’t know how hard I have to work for my body to look like it does!

That Monday I hadn’t had time to shop for groceries so I bought food on my way to work. The only thing I could bare myself to eat was a pie. Not anything I would usually eat, but it was cheap and I didn’t have a lot of time before my classes started. It was a small pie. Loaded with carbs. But I warmed it up in the microwave at work and I ate it.
And the second I had my first bite, I could actually feel the energy rising up in my body. In fact, my body was thanking me! For finally giving it the energy it had been craving for the last half year (I had been on the low fat-low carb diet since August 2013). And the 60 min with the 8 year olds suddenly didn’t feel as long anymore. I had much more patience and became a better teacher.

That same evening I went to the store and bought bacon, cheese, bread, and butter and decided to stop divide food into negative and positive groups. It’s food, period! And I’m gonna eat what I want, when I want!
Don’t get me wrong, I consider my body being my temple and I am careful of what I stuff it with, and I love working out, dancing, running – but if I want to eat icecream 2 days in a row, I will, and it will not make me a bad person if I do.
And neither are You. ❤️

IMG_0708.PNG Me as my dance-teaching self


IMG_0283.PNG Me as my MMB-self!


The magic of Stockholm!

I have to say it…
I love Stockholm! I love to be the only one from Baku in MMB, “the Alien”! But musicians are totally different from other people too. So, i doesn’t matter that everybody in MMB are swedish except for me – we do have our own music language, same music problems and hillarious music jokes 😀
Stockholm for me is mysterios, beautifull, magic city. You can allways find something new here, even after longliving! If you ever will visit capital city of this kingdom don’t miss the most original, funny and scary Ghost Walking in Old Town!
Starts at 18.30 on Järntorget, costs 200 sek. There is a statue of a guy in sunglaces looking for some aliens in the sky, there you will meet HIM! And from that second, you will laugh all those 90 minutes during walking trough the Old Town.
I’m not gonna tell you what will happen next, it’s a secret! 😛 so, don’t be late!